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The foldable Google Pixel is running out of secrets


The foldable Google Pixel is running out of secrets: this will be its design, according to OnLeaks

Both the Onleaks and Jon Prosser renders speak the same design language. The folding Pixel, according to the leaks that we have seen, will be clearly inspired by the Pixel 7. The edges of the smartphone would be made of aluminum and the rear part made of glass, although there would be some subtle changes in the rear camera module, which would come with three sensors and with an LED flash.


Despite the fact that Google has not said a word about a foldable Pixel, the development of this type of smartphone has been around for months. Last month, the prolific leaker Jon Prosser revealed the supposed design of the terminal. Now it is the turn of another well-known character from the world of leaks, Onleaks, who has also made his bet.

The foldable Pixel could have a familiar design language
Onleaks points out that users will be able to enjoy a 7.69-inch screen when the device is open, which will have dimensions of 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7 mm. Once folded, it can be used in compact mode through its 5.79-inch external screen. The filter also points out that the terminal could be compatible with a stylus, although it would not be included in the box.


As we can see in the images, the SIM card slot would be located at the bottom of the external screen and the USB-C port at the bottom of the folding screen. In addition, the terminal would come with speakers both at the top and at the bottom, but would exclude the 3.5mm headphone jack port. A “battery improvement” is also mentioned, but there are no further details.

Onleaks, like Prosser, is betting that the terminal will be priced at $1,799, a value that may be increased in the event of its possible arrival in Europe. Both leakers agree that the launch is scheduled for May 2023, so we have to wait to see if we will finally have a foldable Pixel on the market.

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